About Squiggly Boy

Hi I am Marc and this is all about me and “Squiggly Boy”.

“Squiggly Boy” started when I was around 8 years old. I had an idea for a bag that could do my homework for me. As you may guess, the bag failed to work, probably due to the lack of computing power. Maybe it was even because I tried using paper clips as wires. Who knows…

I gave my design to my Father with a face and a squiggle underneath it and called it “Squiggly Boy”. Years later I had a penchant for making and creating websites that people needed. I decided that I would create a business to help other people to have the websites they desired. When I talked to my Father about it he reminded me about the name… And the rest is now history.

I wrote my first webpage using HTML and the help of my Father when I was 7 years old. This led me to always have a love and respect for technology. When I reached High School I was managing to do Higher level coding and coursework in my Computing classes. I have used many Website tools and managers such as Plesk, Wix, Canva and Google Sites and I use my knowledge of the websites and webpages that I have created to my advantage when making a new webpage that is to the specs of whatever is needed.